About Us

About Rachel

How can I describe Rachel? – Creative? Absolutely! – Hardworking? Yes! – Focused? Yep….but YAWN!
This all sounds a little bit like a school report doesn’t it. Rachel is so much more.
She is a wife and mother who juggles a successful career with the demands of being a brilliant mum to two small children and a puppy.
She is a wonderful friend – an absolute rock whatever chaos her crazy multitude of friends throw at her.
She is the Zen master; a calm point in the middle of any situation, giving you the belief that it will work, that you can do it.
She is also the only woman who can fit diagonally into the narrowest of museum roller racking and not get stuck (earning her another nickname…”Crouching Snake”!)
Who wouldn’t want to go into business with Rachel?!


Rachel Smith - Gosh & Absolutely - Lampshade making

About Laura

It’s difficult not to like Laura (not that I’ve tried), because she’s a real people person with a great sense of humour. We have laughed a great deal in the years that we have worked together. At first glance Laura seems like a girly sort – rarely seen in flat shoes without a glam handbag and having a fondness for all things pink and sparkly. But there is a steely determination beneath the surface and when Laura’s making a point whilst wielding her floral Stanley Knife, I defy anyone to argue with her!

I recognise in Laura a fellow magpie; someone who can’t resist dipping into a box of buttons or a jar of beads. There’s no denying Laura’s creativity. She is precise and neat and those qualities are applied to whatever she makes. Believe me, it’s not easy to make a bespoke box for a four foot model of a Chinese junk, but I’ve seen Laura achieve it.


Why ‘Gosh and Absolutely’?

Laura and I used to work together as museum professionals and in order to promote a project we were working on we were invited onto local radio. It was very early in the morning and rather than a quick five minute slot we were filling in for half an hour on the history segment. As representatives of a respectable institution we were conscious that we ought to both seem interesting and (more importantly) not swear…

The two of us would have been more than happy to have ignorantly assumed that we have done an excellent job and not ever listened to the show. However, in the way of enthusiastic parents, Laura’s dad had recorded the interview and encouraged by our smirking colleagues we listened to it in the office. Laura’s efforts to remain polite and my apparent aversion to the word ‘yes’ led to the nicknames ‘Gosh’ and ‘Absolutely’. So, it is with thanks to Gordon Sparks, the local radio DJ that hosted the show, and our friend Emma Philip, who gleefully coined the phrase, that we acknowledge the origins of a fabulous name.