Question: What do cheerful dancing skeletons, beautifully decorated skulls and artist Frida Kahlo have in common?

Answer: They all appear on Gosh! & Absolutely’s gorgeous range of Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired lampshades, cushions and accessories!

Day of the Dead’ (‘Día de los Muertos’) is a Mexican holiday where people come together to celebrate the lives of deceased family members and friends. It falls on 31st Oct to 2nd Nov, and the Day of the Dead is technically the third day of the celebrations.  The occasion isn’t sombre or depressing; people gather at gravesides to reminisce, share fun memories and pray for their loved ones. They also leave offerings of food, candles and sugar skulls. Frida Kahlo was a hugely popular Mexican artist who is celebrated during this holiday. Sugar skull representations of Kahlo feature her famous mono-brow.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the ‘Day of the Dead’ directly relates to Halloween, given the time of year that it falls, and because recently it has become a popular costume choice for parties and trick-or-treating. However, it is believed that the celebration is Aztec in origin, possibly dating back 3000 years! It has evolved over time, like many celebrations throughout the world, to become the occasion it is today.

Although our Day of the Dead ranges will feature in our Halloween shop window this October, customers enjoy our lampshades, cushions and lanterns all year round. Our most popular seller by far is our ‘Baile de Muertos’ cushion featuring Alexander Henry ‘Baile De Calaveros’ and ‘Las Golondrinas’ fabric in Tea and Eggplant (aubergine to us Brits!). My own favourite is our new range of lanterns with gorgeous Calavera Sugar Skulls fabric by David Textiles.

Pop along to the shop later in October to see our fabulous display!

Gosh! & Absolutely can now be found in the excellent Devonport Live Cafe and Shop.  We are very pleased to have some of our products stocked alongside various other local artists and makers, whose attractive works adorn the walls of the cafe. Due to the fact that we have a physical outlet you can now buy lampshades in Plymouth without visiting Gosh! & Absolutely at craft fairs or shows. You can also find a selection of our vintage lamps, handmade cushions, tea-light lanterns and fabric craft kits. So to add a little colour to your life get down to Devonport Live Cafe and take a look! It is a lovely space in George Street, Devonport, west of Plymouth city centre. It’s tucked away from the main thoroughfare, but well worth a stop if you are in the area. As well as the opportunity to pick up fantastic handmade goods or beautiful artwork for your home or as a gift, you can grab a snack and a cup of tea. The kids can enjoy a well-stocked children’s corner and you can have hassle free lunch made from locally sourced produce. Unfortunately, the cafe is not open on Sundays, but don’t worry because this week (28th June) we’ll be at the Devonport Park Sunday Summer Fayre, just a stone’s throw away.