Lucky Peonies

Our lovely ‘Chinese Peony’ vintage lamp would make a lovely addition to any home aesthetically, but did you know that it could also bring you plenty of luck too.

Many flowers, plants and animals have certain symbolism with East Asian tradition. The lamp base on this lamp, which is in the style of a Chinese ginger jar, is covered in peonies. Peony flowers are a very lucky symbol in China where they are know as the ‘king of flowers’. They represent royalty and virtue as well as romance. The shade, also featuring peonies, is made from vintage Japanese kimono cotton. The shade depicts dragonflies too, which are one of the oldest symbols in Japanese mythology. Despite their delicate appearance dragonflies symbolise the idea of never giving up, because they only ever fly forward. They also represent strength and happiness to the Japanese and are one of their national emblems. So why buy not something more than a lamp – this one might add atmosphere and illumination to your life as well as your room.

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