Handmade lampshades in Plymouth

Bespoke lampshade Plymouth

When our customers want a lampshade, very often they want it to match with existing decor or to complete the look of a particular lamp. We love to help by sourcing a range of different fabrics that fit a specific brief, to give our clients the opportunity to achieve a look that they will really love.

We were recently commissioned to make a shade for a standard lamp and matching cushion for the bedroom of a four year old girl. Our client, Joanne, explained that she really wanted something that would be bright and fun enough to please her daughter, but would also be suitable as she got a little older. Joanne had already decorated the room and painted the lamp base in a lovely teal colour. In this case we were supplied with a photograph of the lamp in the room along with a favourite item, the stylish ‘LOVE’ cushion that was used for inspiration.

This gave us plenty to go on. We found a diverse selection of fabrics that picked up on different elements of the room using the colours and motifs that were apparent in the images.

After first narrowing the choices down to two preferred options Joanne selected her favourite and we create a bespoke 45cm drum  handmade lampshade for a standard lamp with a matching accent cushion. We think she made a great choice and her daughter looks pretty happy too!

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