Gosh and Absolutely at the Fair!!

Gosh and Absolutely has been getting out and about for the first time recently, setting up stall at various craft, vintage and Christmas markets. We have had a brilliant time; meeting new people, sharing ideas and bopping along to classic Christmas tunes!

We had practised putting our stall up before we went to the first venue – something that I would definitely recommend for Fair ‘first timers’.  With a colour scheme to match our online brand and a shiny new banner to put on the front of the stall, we felt ready to go!

However, I have to admit, it is quite scary putting your handmade, bespoke designs out there for the first time (“will anyone like it?”, “will someone want to buy it?”, ” will I hear people laugh as they walk off?!?”).  It is quite different to online selling, where your clientele is potentially endless and (more importantly) you can’t tell what they are thinking! In a town hall with 1000 visitors you hope that enough people prefer your cushions to the ones on the stall next door, and that there is one visitor with an ‘African Peacock’ or ‘Zombieland’ lamp-shape space in their living room.

On the whole it has been a really positive experience. We have met some really terrific stall holders who were full of useful hints and tips. We have perfected our stall set up and layout. We have met lots of people who really like Gosh and Absolutely’s brand and products. And, most importantly, there were people amongst those 1000 who prefered our cushions and who did have a lamp-shape space waiting to be filled!

Bring on the next challenge!!


Craft kits on display

Craft kits on display


Hooded scarves on display

Hooded scarves on display


Accent Cushions and Christmas Lanterns


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