Why not pop in and check out our mix and match lamp range and you can pair a vintage lamp base with a shade for just £30. This is a relatively new option that we offer, but it has been so popular that we are delighted to have been able to extend the range since being in the shop. Our mix and match range offers the best value for money and gives people the chance to customise a base from our budget range with any 20cm or 15cm drum shade.

We try to maintain a selection of vintage lamp bases in wood, ceramic, metal and stone. We have everything from vintage brass from Marks & Spencer to classic 1960s onyx; at the moment we even have a 1960s/1970s Studio Pottery lamp in this range! These can be paired with a variety of 20 cm and 15 cm shades to create great looking, yet unique lamps for anywhere in your house, flat, caravan or student accommodation. The choice of shade is always diverse and includes designer and vintage fabrics in geometric and floral patterns, as well as more unusual designs. So whether you love Liberty prints, vintage William Morris, Star Wars or zombies there will be something to fit the bill. If you can’t find a shade to coordinate with your room, just let us know and we will try to help.

We love the fact that our customers can come to us and get a completely unique lamp for a really reasonable price. Take a look at some of the different options that are available right now…

Our lovely ‘Chinese Peony’ vintage lamp would make a lovely addition to any home aesthetically, but did you know that it could also bring you plenty of luck too.

Many flowers, plants and animals have certain symbolism with East Asian tradition. The lamp base on this lamp, which is in the style of a Chinese ginger jar, is covered in peonies. Peony flowers are a very lucky symbol in China where they are know as the ‘king of flowers’. They represent royalty and virtue as well as romance. The shade, also featuring peonies, is made from vintage Japanese kimono cotton. The shade depicts dragonflies too, which are one of the oldest symbols in Japanese mythology. Despite their delicate appearance dragonflies symbolise the idea of never giving up, because they only ever fly forward. They also represent strength and happiness to the Japanese and are one of their national emblems. So why buy not something more than a lamp – this one might add atmosphere and illumination to your life as well as your room.

We love a challenge! Recently a customer asked us to fix up this tropical standard lamp and make a coordinating shade. As you can see this was no ordinary lamp, but a fabulous statement piece carved with palm trees and tropical scenes. The lamp cleaned up beautifully and with new electrics it was all ready for the finishing touch. An eye-catching piece of furniture like this needed an equally striking shade. We were delighted when our customer chose the pineapple fabric from the options we provided.

Find out more about why pineapples are such a popular motif in the home at houzz.

Problem! My daughter has had a lovely ‘high up bed’ for her birthday, but now the wall light is in completely the wrong place for her to read in bed. This is a serious issue for my little bookworm, so what could I do in a hurry? Well, funnily enough I’m not short of lamps… I also had a spare Disney Frozen pillowcase. The simple solution was turn to turn the pillowcase into a pretty lampshade for the little madam, and hey presto I am ‘amazing mum’ (at least until I do something she doesn’t like quite so much).

Hopefully, this serves to show that if you don’t like any of the gorgeous fabrics we choose for our lampshades, then you can choose your own. Just get in touch to find out if the fabric you have or the fabric you have found on-line is suitable and we can give you a quote for a lampshade of your choice.

Do you have an old lamp in the loft or the garage? If the answer is yes and the reason it’s not in use is because of the lack of a stylish shade, then we can help. Send us a photo of your lamp or lamps. Tell us something to help us find a fabric that you will love – if it has to be blue to match a room, if you really like retro or hate floral – hints like these will help. Then we’ll send you a choice of fabrics that coordinate with the lamp stand and we’ll recommend a style of shade to best complement the base. If you like one of our suggestions then you can order a bespoke lampshade handmade by us. And love your lamp again!

These lamps were given to me by my mother-in-law, without shades. I love the quirky designs of Alexander Henry fabrics, so I chose this industrial print – the swirly smoke echoes the shape of the base. The lamps bases aren’t that big, but the print on the fabric is quite bold so I opted for a 20cm (small) diameter in a taller than average shape. They now decorate my living room and they look pretty good.

So if you find a lamp base you love with a shade that you don’t then get in touch. We can also help match ceiling shades to your existing decor. Just post a picture to our Facebook page or send us an email hello@goshandabsolutely.com

No obligation to purchase, what have you got to lose?

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